Friends of ETC Group

Friends of ETC Group supports the work of ETC Group

The Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group) is a small international civil society organization that undertakes independent research and advocacy work to make the world a better place. ETC Group works with civil society and social movements to explore how new technologies, hand in hand with corporate concentration, can erode rights and diversity. ETC Group also develops strategies of resistance and resilience.

Erosion refers not only to erosion of genetic resources, species and ecosystems, but also the loss of cultures, knowledge and human rights.

Technology refers to a Pandora's Box including biotechnology, synthetic biology, informatics and geoengineering. These new tools -- especially where they converge -- will have enormous societal impacts. If current trends continue, and without good governance, new technologies will widen the gap between rich and poor and further consolidate economic power.

Concentration describes the consolidation of corporate power within economic sectors and the convergence of global corporations and governments driven by the desire to manage and control markets and technologies.

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